How did the corona virus have to admit its defeat in front of Pakistanis?

How did the corona virus have to admit its defeat in front of Pakistanis

It is very easy to say but it is very difficult to know that Pakistan has fought a big battle with Corona virus. Pakistan is a poor country and the people living in it are not strong enough to get their treatment in a good hospital. In Pakistan, the corona virus started from Karachi and spread all over the country. It was very sad news for the people of Pakistan that the corona virus has entered Pakistan today and it is burying its claws.

It was no less a shock to Pakistanis that they were facing a disease for which no cure has yet been discovered around the world. The Pakistani government has made it very common through various media that the only solution to avoid this disease is precaution. Through the Pakistani media, the Pakistani people began to be made aware of the corona virus, through which this information reached almost everyone in Pakistan.

In June 2020, the number of corona virus patients in Pakistan began to grow rapidly. The Pakistani people as well as the Pakistani government were shocked when they found out that the number of people infected with the corona virus inside Pakistan was increasing rapidly. By then the game was out of hand and the Pakistani gourmet was holding its head that the game was getting out of our hands and the corona virus was spreading rapidly in every corner of Pakistan.

So the lock down in the Pakistani government was tightened to prevent the virus from spreading. As the corona virus spread rapidly and many people became infected with the corona virus, we also saw the corona virus patients in Pakistan recovering rapidly and returning home. It was no less than a miracle that people infected with the corona virus returned to their homes in good health.

In August 2012, surprising results of the corona virus began to appear in Pakistan when the wave of corona virus suddenly began to subside and the number of people infected with corona virus in Pakistan began to decrease abruptly. It was very impressive and strange why this wave of corona virus has decreased so much in one fell swoop and the number of corona patients who come daily will be less than one tail and the number of corona virus patients who have recovered has increased tremendously.

The whole world and Scientists was amazed how the corona virus was controlled in Pakistan. The whole world wanted to know what was done in Pakistan which is causing the corona virus to disappear and people are recovering. And moving in a healthy direction.

The fact was that People of Pakistan did not know what had caused us to control the corona virus. Now we go back a little to June 2020 when the corona virus infected most people in Pakistan. In June 2020, where I live, the corona virus was rife inside Pakistan and we are facing a strict law that will open a few shops for a while and restrict all other public places.

I am Pakistani and when news spread that corona virus has spread in Pakistan we started wearing masks and stopped shaking hands with people. We stopped meeting people and if we had to talk to someone we would talk on the phone and if we came across someone we would keep a distance and talk to him to avoid the corona virus.

But all this was done by a few educated people with a keen eye on the corona virus, one of whom was involved, but not everyone inside Pakistan took this precautionary measure. Because a lot of Pakistani people believed that corona virus is a drama is a lie which is being spread in Pakistan and its reality is nothing.

The majority of the people of Pakistan considered Corona a myth and took it as a joke. The people of Pakistan were often seen saying that if it has to be done and it is deadly then why the graveyard of Pakistan is not full of people dying from this disease. Every Pakistani seems to be saying that nothing happens, Allah is the Master.

corona virus in Pakistan defeated

And then something like this happened when the Corona virus was seen kneeling inside Pakistan and its pressure on Pakistan was reduced. And when that happened, almost every Pakistani stopped taking precautionary measures against corona and started living a normal life like before corona and forgot that a disease called corona virus had come to Pakistan.

Now all of you must be thinking that what happened is that the corona virus inside Pakistan has weakened and the Pakistani people have won this war. As a Pakistani, I can tell you all the reasons why Pakistan won the war against corona.

Pakistan is a poor country in Asia the people here are poor and have a hard time making ends meet. Pakistanis are accustomed to eating dirty and hairy standard food which is available to them from childhood. Almost every Pakistani is accustomed to drinking mixed milk. Madrasas eat sprayed vegetables and fruits or usually. In other words, the citizens of Pakistan have been forced to eat unhealthy things.

Pakistanis get sick after eating this dirty food and then they get well after getting their treatment. Pakistanis getting sick from eating such food every day and then recovering from the next use has greatly strengthened the immune system of Pakistanis. After eating such filthy food, a servant of another country cannot recover as fast as a Pakistani can recover from these diseases.

Pakistan Against Covid-19

This is the reason why the immune system of Pakistanis is very strong and that is why corona could not stay inside Pakistanis for long. And the second thing I think is the spirit of faith of Pakistanis and under this spirit they stay awake to face every coming disease and difficulty and they believe that their goal has been achieved.

In the end I will just say that when the corona virus came to Pakistan, people thought it was a joke and the corona virus came and went back and people kept thinking it was a joke and they didn’t take it more than a joke.

The second wave of corona virus is coming around the world. And the people of Pakistan have lived a normal life without any worries as if nothing had happened and nothing will happen in the future so they want to continue their normal life and continue in the future as well.

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